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Product Features

  • The Invisible Car Bra is manufactured from a Polyurethane film 6 thousandths of an inch thick. The top thousandth is a different Polyurethane formulation to provide a “clear coat” with exceptional gloss. Additionally the specially designed acrylic adhesive used to bond the film to paint is 2 thousandths of an inch thick totaling 8 thousandths of an inch (0.2 millimetres)

  • Premiumshield Paint Protection Film is manufactured in widths up to 1520mm so we can cover full bonnets and guards for most vehicles.

  • Invisible Car Bras use a computer plotter to cut the film to a pattern. This ensures an exact fit and smooth edges. Occasionally some trimming is required and our expert installers know how to score the film and tear it away without marking the paint.

  • Invisible Car Bras has an extensive library of patterns for modern vehicles. If we do not have a pattern for your vehicle it will take just a few hours to create one. There is no charge for this pattern as it is then added to the library.

  • The Polyurethane film is highly elastic and can be applied to compound curves to provide protection in the most difficult places.

  • The film is optically clear with a high gloss comparable to the original finish making it virtually invisible when applied.

  • The film is UV stable so it will not yellow, bubble or crack. This is covered by the lifetime warranty. Additionally, it allows UV to pass through and age the paint evenly.

  • The Invisible Car Bra protects your vehicle 24/7 and never needs to be removed for cleaning or maintenance.

  • To maintain the Invisible Car Bra all you do is wash and wax it like the rest of your vehicle. Specific plastic cleaners such as Vuplex can also be used.

  • Once installed, the Invisible Car Bra cannot trap dust or moisture between the film and the paint.

  • The Invisible Car Bra cannot abrade the paint or promote corrosion.

  • The Invisible Car Bra looks a whole lot better than other forms of paint protection.

  • Once applied, the Invisible Car Bra locks in the condition of you paint. If brand new, it will remain brand new for the life of the installation.

  • If for any reason the Invisible Car Bra has to be removed, it comes off without leaving adhesive residue.Invisible Car Bras Mobile Service

Invisible Car Bras is a mobile business and comes to you at your home or office.
As long as we have a clean, enclosed garage or shed with access to 240V power we can install at your place.

Invisible Car Bras - Knoxfield Victoria Australia
Phone: (03) 8288 1041

Business hours : 8am -5pm Monday to Friday

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