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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What is Paint Protection Film?
    Paint protection Film or PPF is the latest development of a technology designed to protect helicopter blades during the Gulf war. This is where the term “Helicopter Tape“ comes from but it has been refined for use on today’s vehicles.

  2. Q. Why would I put PPF on my vehicle?
    By applying PPF to the front of your vehicle you prevent stone chips to the paint and damage to the expensive headlight lenses. It helps your vehicle retain its value when the time comes to sell or trade in.

  3. Q. Won’t it cause the paint to fade at different rates?
    No. Premiumshield PPF is transparent to UV and the paint under the film ages at the same rate as the unprotected paint.

  4. Q. Will the film turn yellow?
    A. No. While the film allows UV through to the paint the film itself is UV stable and will not yellow.

  5. Q. Can I see the PPF when it is applied?
    Yes, but you really have to look for it! There is a fine line where the film ends which is visible when you are looking for it but most people don’t notice it.

  6. Q. Is there any way to not have the fine line where the film ends?
    Yes. You can have the entire panel covered but this becomes very expensive and the patterns are designed to give maximum protection for minimum cost.
    You can also use a bonnet protector, a black vinyl car bra, or put up with the stone chips.

  7. Q. Why not use bulk film to cover the vehicle instead of patterns?
    Applying bulk film to a panel entails cutting the film on the vehicle. This is fraught with danger as it is very easy to slip and cut into the paint you are trying to protect. By using computer cut patterns you are assured there will be minimal trimming on the vehicle and all edges are smooth and straight.

  8. Q. What if you don’t have a pattern for my car?
    We can create a pattern and apply the film in a day for most vehicles. We may not be able to cut full bonnets and guards on site so this coverage may require a second visit. It does not cost any more as the pattern then goes into our library.

  9. Q. What is required to maintain PPF?
    Just normal washing and waxing of the vehicle will keep the PPF in good condition. Plastic cleaners such as Vuplex are available and can be used with safety on PPF and the paint. A microfibre cloth is recommended for all cleaning.

  10. Q. Can the PPF be removed?
    Yes the film can be removed. It has an aggressive adhesive to hold it in place for the life of the film but if it needs to be removed, for any reason, it will not damage factory original paint. Vehicles with repaints are not warranted against damage during film removal as we have no control over the preparation involved in the repaint. Usually the reason for removal is accident damage and the panel has to be repainted anyway. A new piece of PPF can be applied after the paint has cured.

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